Add Some Spring Pizzazz  

With New Switch Plates





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Spring has finally arrived!! Blooming flowers, butterflies, and budding trees bring that “new life” hope back after the long winter. We already know what you’re thinking. “Wouldn’t it be awesome to bring some new life to the house with some spring accents?”

We have a way for you to do just that, and with the freedom of style you want!

 Inexpensive switch plate options abound, and will add some spring pizzazz to any room or decorating style. By replacing those old switch plates you don’t even have to worry about spending too much money! One can easily create a historic feeling in their Victorian home, uniquely express their love of nature in their Log Cabin style home, or even go retro with different textures and styles. Animal lovers have a plethora of style choices, and the many options for the kid’s rooms are always a hit with the children. The current styles give homeowners and renters equal and inexpensive creative license.

Some of the more popular choices are Brainerd switch plates, which exemplify the modern aesthetic with styles like the Mirror single plate and the Architectural double plate. These switch plates are common in modern homes, although they also take inspirations from colonial styles, which can be seen in their Colonial Rope models. Truly antique switch plates will typically be much more ornate, especially those from Victorian and Renaissance eras. There are antique switch plates made with a much lower price tag, and inspired along classic lines.

Ceramic switch plates are always a well accepted option, and come in many more designs and patterns than they used to. The choices are practically unlimited. Many people underestimate ceramic switch plates, because they think of the white or off-white varieties that come standard in cheap apartments and are worn down over the years. There are many different ceramic switch plates on the market today, with designs such as interwoven leaves and vines, squares of different colored paint, or etched lines in geometric patterns. These match interior styles very well and are usually quite affordable.

Empower spring inside your home with a new switch plate and a screwdriver!


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   Typically, cabinet hardware is the most overlooked decoration in the kitchen. While most people notice the stain of the cabinets of the type of wood they are made out of, not many people pay attention to what type of cabinet hardware that is used for the cabinets. Choosing the right cabinet hardware consists of choosing the right door hinges and locks and handles. Overall design actually plays an integral role. Cabinets which have these various designed cabinet knobs are sure to be seen the next time you visit  Cabinet Knobs and More. It would be surprising to note how some of these cabinet  knobs or cabinet pulls can be seen differently with different colored and stained cabinets. Ultimately, the different types of stained cabinets affect the type of cabinet hardware that would look best. Cabinet hardware has their share too of differing knobs that folks would consider for purchase.
         One way to shop for cabinet knobs is to search for the best designed cabinet knobs. These will be waiting for you once you know what type of cabinets that you want. It also depends where the cabinets are located. Most likely the new cabinet hardware will be placed in the kitchen.

With that said, cabinet door knobs can make or break the interest of most storage cabinet buyers. Depending on their preference of either looking at cost or design, the important thing is putting them into good use. Storage is important for people and usually design would take a back seat unless they are gearing towards placing them in places with a specific room theme. Make sure that you are choosing the right cabinet hardware to complete the look in the kitchen, without taking anything away.

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The Advantages Of Keyless Door Locks


Nowadays we can hardly recall our lifestyles before the advent of luxuries like cell phones, high speed internet and keyless vehicle entry. With the demand for convenience rising and keyless door locksbecoming increasingly affordable, a growing number of people are upgrading to keyless door locks in order to protect and streamline both their homes and businesses.

Keyless door locks are a type of door locks that can be controlled using a combination, an access code or fingerprint recognition, thus eliminating the need for a key. Keyless door locks allow each person who lives at a residence to enter the home without a key, and also give employees easy access to designated areas of their workplace. Lost, stolen or forgotten keys are now problems of the past. For most people, the convenience of not having to toil with a key is enough, but numerous other benefits are associated with installing keyless door locks.

Using a keyless entry system is especially beneficial when a contract worker or house sitter needs temporary access to your home. It is not necessary for contract workers to have a permanent key to your home, since key duplication is effortless. Fingerprint recognition door locks allow admittance only to those who have pre-programmed access, and many even allow you to grant access for a specified period of time. For instance, a housekeeper or contractor will be given permission in advance to enter on a certain date within a scheduled timeframe. And since fingerprints cannot be duplicated as easy as keys, fingerprint recognition systems have a tremendous authentication advantage over traditional door locks and even keypad locks. Similarly, access codes to keypad locks can be shared with temporary workers and then they can be easily changed when access is no longer necessary.

Keyless entry systems are no longer reserved for an elite few. Along with more affordability, the security and convenience that keyless door locks provide are transforming them into a common consumer commodity.

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Kitchen & Bath Channel APP Now Available is pleased to anounce there association with the Kitchen and Bath Channel. Kitchen and Bath Channel now has an app that can be downloaded on Droid.

I-phone and Blackberry APPS will be available shortly.


Building or remodeling your kitchen or bath is a complex endeavor, something many of us are not prepared to do without a professional at the helm. This free app connects homeowners with all types of professionals associated with your new kitchen or bathroom. With a database of over 15,000 designers, builders, remodelers, woodworkers, retailers and more coupled with a variety of searching options, you can find the right professional for your project and in many cases view examples of their work. Whether your project is as simple as finding products or repair parts or as complex as a design and build project, this app will help you find the correct source.
Features Include:
• One Touch Dialing
• One Touch Email
• One Touch Website Visits
• One Touch “Add to Contacts”
• One Touch Map Locator without leaving the app
• Geo Location
• Project Photos and Videos from our Platinum Subscribers
Search By:
• Location
• Certified Professionals and Professional Designation
• Room Preference
• Accreditation
• Product Category for Purchasing
• City
• State
• Professional’s Name
• Business Name

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Premier Hardware Designs-Florence Collection-Natural Pewter-Cabinet Pull

Choosing Cabinet Hardware | Tips and Ideas

                 One of the quickest and easiest ways to update a room is changing the hardware on your cabinets. The size and shape of the cabinet knob dramatically affects the appearance of your cabinetry.

When determining the appropriate knob size, pay attention to the paneling on the cabinet door and the weight of the drawer contents, For example, if a raised-panel is surrounding by a 2″ border, you’ll want a slightly smaller knob, such as 1½” in diameter.

Here’s a trick we use: draw and cut out circles on paper in 1½” and 2½” diameters, and then place them on your cabinets and drawers.

Once you’ve identified the sizes, determine the mood you’re trying to achieve. For a formal look, select  cabinet  knob and style and use it in one or various diameters based on the size of your cabinet or drawer. To keep it light and playful, mix up colors, styles and sizes. Or, be deliberate and choose multiple knobs styles within one color scheme.

More Tips

  • For drawers over 18″ wide, try using two knobs or two pulls.
  • Think directional. Pulls can be placed vertically or horizontally on cabinet doors.

Cabinet knobs and drawer pulls are elegant investments to your rooms that last for years to come.

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       Cabinet Knobs – Innovative Design For Your Home

     By Benedict Perez

Wherever you stay you should get a feel of living at your own space. You might be living at a rented or your own apartment and there ways by which you can make it more lively place to stay. Planning for getting major changes or entirely redoing the place is impractical. The best solution is to be creative and think about smaller things. Changing cabinet hardware or Cabinet Knobs is a very good option to give the place your own feel.

Be creative in planning to buy a new set of knobs which matches the design and style of your room. Having knobs on the cabinets as per your choice and taste will make you feel like living in a place which is completely yours. You can even plan and create your own knob designs and styles for your rooms. No heavy tools and efforts are required to change the knobs of the cabinet and it is a simple and easy task.

Many stores offer all the hardware and tools that are required to make the necessary changes. Think of the design, its placement and make a list of all the items that you will need. For selecting the right knobs plan for the design, style and size of the knob that will match the complete look of your room as well as matches the theme of your apartment.

You can start with making a list of things that will be required for the change. Try to think about which style, color and design of the knob you desire before going to the market. By selecting hardware and knobs of incomparable design and superior quality you can surely make your home more beautiful. There are even customized and handmade knobs available in the market today. You can even get your designs hand painted or colored to fill your room with the beauty.

Check the size which perfectly fits the cabinet screw holes. Carry your old knobs along when you go for buying the new ones. This will help you to buy the right size of knob that will fit your cabinet.

 Once the older knobs have been taken out you should keep them with screws at a store place. These old knobs can be used on any cabinets in future and can even be put back in case you are living in a rented apartment. Changing the cabinet knobs will surely make you feel having a new place to live in.

After having bought all the required hardware and knobs start taking out the older knobs. However make it a point to keep the old knobs, screws and the hardware together at a place so they can be put back in case you are having a rented apartment. Be careful not to put any scratches or dents in the cabinet while changing the knobs. By changing the cabinet knobs you will feel like having a new cabinet and a beautiful place to live in.

You can also avail the discount prices being offered by various online stores and have the knobs delivered at your doorstep. Browse though the various designs option and find the one which is perfect cabinet knobs for your room helping in making the place look new.

There is a way to enhance the appearance of your cabinets and you can do that with wonderful designs of kitchen cabinet knobs. These designs are lovely and  durable as well. You certainly find elegance and style in these items. 

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Furoli Bathroom Faucet Wide Spread Lavatory Faucet-Oil Rubbed Bronze

Now Introducing Furoli Faucets

Furoli Faucets

The Furoli brand was launched to serve the needs of small to medium sized Kitchen & Bath Home Improvement businesses for premium faucets at affordable prices. Our success is dependent on our ability to provide customers with tremendous value, work closely with the factory to keep costs low, and our commitment to serving the network of Authorized Dealers.

Furoli is a family owned business that traces it business heritage to manufacturing OEM and private label faucets for many U.S. plumbing supply businesses since 1994. While other manufacturers have pursued growth by supplying the high-volume brands sold through big box retail channels, the Furoli owners and managers have identified a crucial need among small to medium sized Kitchen & Bath Home Improvement businesses for style, quality, and value

Furoli is a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association.


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Helpful Tips When Buying Door Levers

By James A Jackson


An excellent means of updating the look of your home is by choose new door levers. Interestingly, little thought is given to this particular door hardware yet when a more modern, exotic, or interesting lever is installed, it quickly becomes the first thing people see. Today, the vast selection of door handles is not designed simply for functionality but also aesthetics. Manufacturers of door hardware have taken the demand of consumers seriously and in return, created some of the most stunning designs imaginable. Literally any style home, room decorum, or personal preference could be complemented with door levers now being offered on the market.

Before going out to buy just any door lever, it would be important to consider any unique architectural features of the home. Additionally, while the decor of the room would be an important consideration, you also want to focus on choices that would enhance any new decor you might choose in the future, as well as what potential homeowners would be most attracted to if you plan to sell the home within the next few years. Even the door itself would be a factor in the decision-making process in that you want the door lever to blend in with the style.

Typically as you look around, you will discover that door levers, as well as other types of door hardware are broken down by category to include antique, vintage, country, contemporary, classic, European, etc. However, one category that offers a multitude of possibilities regardless of the architectural features of the home or room decor is transitional. This style incorporates elements of both old and new so the lever designs would blend in beautifully with a period home or an ultra modern home recently built.

Although the aesthetics of door handles and levers are a major part of choosing, be sure the lever provides the needed functionality. For instance, door levers come in both right and left-handed designs, some feature a locking mechanism and some are simply stationary levers used more for appearance. It would also be beneficial to purchase door levers of the same style, material, and finish throughout the home. With this, the lever would complement each room but also provide a cohesive look, which is cleaner.

The material and finish of the door lever will also make a bold statement or provide a more subtle look. Remember, some of the door hardware now being designed and sold is truly a masterpiece. Therefore, if you want a particular room or door to stand out where the door lever actually becomes a focal point, then you would go with something more dramatic. The list of materials and finishes used for door hardware is long but the most popular choices include brushed nickel, antique brass, pewter, and satin stainless steel.

Finally, you want to know your budget prior to starting the shopping journey. After all, knowing the cap of what you can spend would steer you away from more expensive door levers. Just because you may be somewhat limited financially does not mean the level of options would decrease. Manufacturers of door hardware have hundreds and hundreds of different options to fit within any budget while creating a gorgeous door and home without spending a fortune.


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How to Purchase a Correctly Sized Floor Register

By Samuel Crasnick


What is a Floor Register?

There is often some great confusion when it comes to floor registers. There happen to be plenty of synonyms for them. Here’s a list of some other common terms you may have heard floor registers referred to as:

Floor Registers are the grates you often see that are attached to the end of an air duct. Their purpose is to control the amount of air flow into a room. Most commonly, floor registers are found on the floor, toward the wall. However, there are variations that can be installed on the wall or ceiling. These are known as wall registers and ceiling registers respectively.

How a Floor Register Works

There are two main components to a floor register. The grate is the first part, which serves mostly as decoration. It also keeps things from falling into an air duct. The damper box is the second part of a floor register. The function of the damper box is to control the air flow. This is done using a lever that connects to the damper box and extends out to the grate. For wall or ceiling registers, there will be small holes on the grate to keep it secure.

Floor Register Measurement

Measuring your opening size is your first step. The opening size is the hole in the floor (or wall/ceiling, etc.) in which you will fit the floor register. You will use this measurement for the size of the damper box. The grate itself overlaps with the damper box slightly, so it becomes flush with the floor. Usually, the grate will extend about 1.25 ” past the opening. The grate size varies, but the opening size is the more crucial measurement. So, for instance, if your opening size is 6″ x 10″, you’re grille size will be around 7.25″ x 11.25″.

Where to Get Floor Registers

There are plenty of online sources to pick up a few floor registers for your home decoration project. Hopefully, after reading this guide you’ll be able to confidently order the correct size. Sometimes you’ll find that you can not find your particular size floor register. Luckily, many manufacturers offer custom floor registers to match your size.


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Adjustable Lighting from Architects and Heroes!


  • Los Angeles
  • Adrienne Breaux
  • November 2, 2009 08:15AM
  • reprinted from : Apartment Therapy

    We love finding gorgeous home decor that’s good-looking and functional, and we’ve found both with this company creating lighting with flexible, handy and adjustable functions for a plethora of home lighting needs…

    Architects and Heroes isn’t a new company; for years they had a showroom in Austin,Texas selling their one-of-a-kind pulley light fixtures and other designs. After having to close their physical showroom, they revamped their website and refocused on what they do best: designing counter balanced pulley lights with “fresh architectural styling and modern craftsmanship.”
    We love their old-fashioned, traditional, and industrial look. We also appreciate that most of them can be adjusted in some way. Whether it’s lowering a pendant light for better task lighting or pulling a sconce closer to see a book better, these lights could be a great solution for those with unique lighting needs or issues—or those just looking for neat-looking fixtures.

    What do you think about adjustable lights? Do you have them in your home? Do you need them in your home? What do you think about these light fixtures from Architects and Heroes? Let us know!

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