November 2009

With 2010 right around the corner, what can we expect for Kitchen Trends? Taking into consideration our current economic situation, we might see some trends that we haven’t seen before. We also might see some old traditions coming back as well. Because more and more families are cooking at home, consumers will be adjusting their purchasing habits for the upcoming year.

Here are my predictions for Kitchen Trend Predictions for 2010:

1. The live-in kitchen – Consumers spend three to four hours in the kitchen every day, not only cooking there but using it as a place to entertain, work, craft and spend leisure time. The kitchen is being reinvented as a second living room, he said, as appliances are camouflaged and functional objects are hidden or minimized, allowing people to create ambiance in the room.

2. The green kitchen – Americans continue to make their lives more environmentally friendly, but they’re increasingly confused and frustrated about what is really “green.” While they want products to be eco-friendly, they’re not going to pay much of a premium for it either — they expect retailers and manufacturers to deliver green products at competitive prices.

3. The wellness kitchen – Buying local food and/or growing your own often means it will be fresher and free from pesticides and preservatives — in short, more nutritious, he said. Today’s consumers are also interested in purifying their water and air.

From my list, you can see that next year will see more of us eating at home, but also being more aware of our environment and health.

Definitely a great way to start the new year!

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There are two reasons why we get frustrated with our kitchens.  The first is not having enough space to work in, and the second is lack of organization. What’s the solution?  Kitchen Cabinet Organizers will not only get organized, but you can also create a lot more space as well. You will  find that there are hundreds of different types of organizers that you can use in the kitchen. Most of them, you have probably already seen on television commercials.

The types of Kitchen Cabinet Organizers that you will find include magnetic storage tools, kitchen carts, grocery bag holders, storage food containers, kitchen drawer organizers, countertop organizers, and china and silver organizers. These different types of organizers could be the difference between a kitchen running smoothly and the lady of the house running around trying to find what she needs. There are also many different types of organizers that will set inside your cabinets, thus making a lot more cabinet space that you never thought was there. There is the cabinet door shelves that can be used for bottles and spices.

You will also find stacker trays. These stacker trays are very popular Kitchen Cabinet Organizers because you can stack many different items on them including can goods so that you can save room and at the same time, view the items that are in the back with no problem. You can also get the cabinet drawers that roll out of the cabinet. They sit on their own track, or they can be installed to the sides of the cabinets with side rails. There are also turntables that you place on a shelf inside your cabinet. You can put a multitude of items on these turntables and still be able to reach everything on them with just a quick spin.

If you are looking to find room for all those pots and pans, you will find several different types of Kitchen Cabinet Organizers that will hold your lids on the door of the cabinet while another organizer stacks the pots neatly within the shelving area. All of these organizers are a must-have to any kitchen that needs some attention when it comes to the lack of space as well as the lack of organization. Because sometimes when you don’t have that much space, it is very hard to be organized.

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