Living rooms and family rooms function as both a relaxing getaway for the family and a place to entertain guests. Create maximum flexibility and impact by carefully planning the lighting sources in this room. With multiple layers of light, you’ll be ready for game nights, quiet entertaining, reading or movie watching.

Did you know that there are 3 types of lighting? Here are the types along with a description of each.

1.  Ambient Lighting – Overhead lighting in ceiling fan fixtures is a great way to illuminate your room. Ambient lighting creates a much softer and calmer look which is ideal for living rooms and creates a warm and inviting atmospheres for dinning rooms, hallways and bathrooms.

2. Task Lighting – This lighting illuminates the tasks at hand–reading, knitting, studying or playing games.  If you have task areas where a lamp is not practical or desired, plan on a recessed spotlight. If the light is for a desk area or other element that may be rearranged in the future, be careful. It may be better to stick with a lamp that can be moved with the work area. Or you can strategically locate one or two additional spotlights where tasks may be located in the future, giving you flexibility in furniture arrangement.

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