September 2010




Giving your kitchen a facelift? First, take a good look at your kitchen cabinets. If they are still in good shape and function properly, then replacing them really does not make any sense. If the color or finish dates them, you can always repaint or refinish their surfaces to refresh them. If everything about your cabinets is in fine shape, but if you just want to change the look of your cabinets, you may simply want to switch out your hardware for something new and exciting. Hardware comes in an incredible variety of styles and designs these days: glass knobsspecialty knobs, and specialty cabinet pulls.

Where to Start

To add new hardware to your kitchen cabinets first count your cabinets and drawers. If you can see the cabinet hinges from the outside of your cabinets, you may also need to replace them depending on the selection that you make for your new hardware. If your cabinet handles are a two hole mount, then you will need to measure the space in between the holes to make sure that your new hardware matches.

Then go around your kitchen with a pen and paper and count all of the cabinets and drawers that will need new hardware. Take note of the different handle and knob styles and number of each.

Selecting a Special Style

As with anything, cabinet handles and knobs come in all materials, colors and styles, so finding the perfect style for your kitchen may take a little thought. For example, if you have a Tuscan style kitchen, wrought iron handles have the rustic and refined look that complements this design style; whereas in a country kitchen, you may prefer to include ceramic knobs and pulls. In a more modern space you may opt for sleek, metallic knobs. The point is to make sure that your new hardware works with and not against your current kitchen style.

With such a variety of styles from which to choose, you may want to look at some selections online, especially if you are looking for more individual, handcrafted selections. As a matter of fact, if you have a bit of an artistic streak yourself, you may even want to create your own, unique  cabinet hardware from wood, clay, glass tiles or ceramics.

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