March 2011

Give Your Home a New Look With Door Hardware

By J Richardson

We spend hours a day fixing ourselves – from showering, shaving, putting on makeup, adding gel to your hair – you name it! Isn’t it about time you gave your home a makeover? The great thing about some home renovations is that they are even easier and less time consuming than it takes to make ourselves look presentable. One of the easiest ways to update your home quickly and efficiently on a low or small budget is to replace your existing door hardware.

Make a Statement
Just like the 80’s are associated with big hair and leg warmers, your home should make a statement-both indoors and out. Set the tone and style of your home by adding a sophisticated, decorative outside door knob. Outdoor door hardware typically includes a door knocker and knob, so choose wisely. Be sure to opt for a finish that can withstand all the elements – from harsh winters to blistering hot summers (unless you live in a fair-weathered area). Backdoor door hardware can be less decorative and more relaxed, especially if the door will be opened and slammed shut (usually by children). When considering back door pieces, choose a metal material that is sturdy and will not crack under serious use. Additionally, if you have any sliding doors that allow entry from the interior to the exterior, be sure that the hardware matches to the room it is opening toward; outdoor door handles probably will look out of place and awkward in a family room or kitchen.

Choose a Style
Not all door knobs and levers are made alike. Before purchasing sets of door handles, consider the function of the door that you are renovating. Decorative doors should not be equipped with a thumb-pad locking mechanism, nor should bathroom doors feature a false door knob or a lever without a lock. For all doors, however, consider what level of privacy you’d like. Bathrooms and bedrooms should be equipped with keyless locking knobs or levers. For medicine cabinets and certain closets, key entry door accessories might be appropriate especially to help keep children safe.
For interior sliding doors or shelves, drawer pulls are idea. Be sure to purchase a size that allows for quick and easy access; try to be aware of the size of the drawer pull you are purchasing. Smaller finger wells make access somewhat harder and tedious. Finally, for rarely used areas, a matching dead bolt lock might be suitable in places such as basements, rarely used closets and attics.

Get the Accessories
When renovating your home, you might overlook the smaller details that go with door hardware. These accessories include door hinges, screws, latches, keys, floor registers and door jams. Be sure to coordinate styles, materials and finishes to help create a cohesive, designer look. Materials typically used for door handle sets and their accessories include chrome, nickel, copper, stainless steel, glass (clear or colored) or iron. Finishes generally used outdoors are weathered, burnished or tinted. Indoor finishes most used are satin or polished. If you aren’t sure what you like, try out a few “test” knobs with their matching accessories to see what will best suit the needs of each of your rooms.

Touch of Elegance
If you have a particularly flexible budget, you might want to consider newer, more stylish forms of door hardware. Newly designed door knob sets include keyless entry with either digital or mechanical entry options. No matter what style, these forms of door hardware are ultra secure and are idea for safe boxes, vaults and other guarded or potentially dangerous areas. The keypad itself features numeric values that you can “punch” in to obtain entry. For maximum security, some of these handle sets also feature a keyed entry so that no one person can enter without the code or the key.

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Kitchen Design – French Country Cabinet Knobs

By Jonathan Brice


When it comes to kitchen design, the possibilities are virtually endless. There are no rules when it comes to redecorating your kitchen, but for some, there are budget restrictions. Many people think that in order to update your current kitchen design, you have to spend a fortune. This is a common misconception. There are plenty of subtle changes you can make in your kitchen that will make a big impact on both your kitchen design and your home that cost much less than a large remodel would. Sometimes a remodel isn’t about hiring outside labor, replacing large appliances, and buying new furniture. Often, there are alternate routes that will save you time and money.

One quick and easy way to update the look of your kitchen is to place some focus on cabinet refacing. The cabinets in your kitchen are a major focal point. Falling directly at eye level, they are typically the first thing that people will notice upon entering the room. Major details on each and every cabinet in your kitchen are cabinet knobs. These small assets are much more important than most people think. The entire look of your cabinets can be greatly affected by just a simple change in cabinet hardware. This, in turn, triggers somewhat of a chain reaction since the result of new looking cabinets is a new looking kitchen.

 A fresh, yet traditional style that can be found in many kitchens right now is a French country décor theme. If you’re looking to accomplish this style in your kitchen, don’t let your head start tallying up dollar signs just yet. French country cabinet knobs place an elegant and professional touch on your French country décor without forcing you to spend unnecessary dollars. Instead of cluttering your kitchen with decorative accessories like vases and knickknacks, take a look at vital aspects of the kitchen and put a decorative twist on them. Cabinet knobs are already in your space, and absolutely essential in order for your kitchen to be fully functional. By replacing current cabinet knobs with French country cabinet knobs, you’ve easily updated the look of your kitchen without cluttering your space.

French country décor focuses on a warm and welcoming theme. Kitchens are becoming more and more of a focal point in the home, so this is certainly a theme that can be worked into any style you may currently have. French country décor can be easily matched with a number of different wood finishes, so replacing just the cabinet knobs won’t result in replacing the cabinets themselves. This not only saves you a great amount of money, but the time it takes to finish this project will be remarkably shorter than it would be if you were to take on a full scale remodel.

Delicate details worked into the different elements of a French country designed kitchen, like cabinet knobs, add subtle features that will give your kitchen some extra pizzazz. Another great aspect of installing French country cabinet knobs instead of redoing your entire kitchen is that the process is so quick and easy. You’ll need very few tools, and the job will take just a few hours – including set up and clean up. If you’re entertaining soon and are looking for a quick fix to give your kitchen the update it needs, you can’t get any simpler than a cabinet refacing project.

 By keeping your kitchen up to date with traditional themes that will give guests the welcoming feeling they should have when entering your kitchen, your home can reach its maximum potential. Adding French country décor into your kitchen through small details like cabinet knobs could be all the change your room needs. By taking every aspect of your kitchen into consideration when thinking about a redesign, you could save precious time and money in the long run

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Cabinet Knobs Can Invigorate Your Space in a Flash

By J Richardson


Are you tired of your plain, dull design in your bathroom, bedrooms or kitchen? With the continually downward slump of the economy, you probably think you cannot possibly afford a home renovation project. But what many homeowners do not realize is that – yes – a home renovation project can be affordable and spice up the design of your room instantly! Don’t believe it? By simply updating your old, worn cabinet knobs, you can transform any design from boring to beautiful.

Gather Your Tools
Unlike most home hardware installations, replacing your knobs and pulls in any room does not require the help of an experienced professional. Count that as money well saved already! Plus, this project requires minimal tools and minimal effort – it is so easy, even your children can help you. Prior to beginning your new project, be sure to have the following tools on hand:

  – Tape measure
– Pencils
– Cabinet pulls, knobs, or handles
– Matching screws and hinges
– Screwdriver

Get Rid of the Old Stuff
With these tools on hand, you are now ready to remove your old hardware. Be sure to unscrew each cabinet knob entirely before removing so that you do not cause accidental or unnecessary damage to the wood or plastic cabinet front piece. Before you throw these items into the trash, however, consider donating them to another home (if they are in good condition, of course). If you are not prepared to host a yard sale, auction them off online on or even; your home renovation project just might inspire another family to update their cabinets with your trash-turned-treasure.

Shop Around for Sizes
Now is your chance to update the out-dated décor with new bathroom cabinet knobs (or any room, really). Consider what size handles, knobs and pulls you already have in your bathroom. Are some drawers harder to open, certain cabinet handles harder to grasp? Changing the size of your cabinet hardware might make life easier. But before you purchase tons of hardware in one size, you should buy a few various sizes to test out just in case. Larger sized cabinet handles in close proximity with one another could end up just cluttering an area and not making it any easier, such as in your kitchen.

Create a Colorful Effect
Once you have decided on what sizes work best for which locations, you should also consider changing the color or finish of your kitchen cabinet knobs. Traditional cabinet knobs are available in a variety of finishes such as oil rubbed, satin, matte, weathered and polished. Additionally, each knob can be of a different metal such as chrome, brass, iron, pewter, nickel, bronze and copper. For the bold homeowner, try mixing and matching to create a unique look in your home.

Try a New Style Combination
Replacing your cabinet knobs does not just include removing and installing fresh, new knobs but rather creating a new look and feel. One contemporary renovation style includes mixing cabinet knobs according to the layout of the room. Cabinets and drawers below the waist are adorned with darkest finishes-such as matte nickels or bronzes. Next, mid to waist level drawers feature a lighter shade of handles like a copper or brass with a weathered finish. Finally, the highest shelving units and cabinets should feature the lightest colored finishes and metals. Creating this layered look keeps the eye moving upwards; if the look was reversed, the eyes would lock in on the dark finishes at the ceilings and never even glance at the floor-level handles. Remember to purchase corresponding hinges and screws so that your newly renovated area is complete, without mismatching accessories. The easiest way to avoid this decorating disaster is to write down a count of how many cabinets you have, what finishes and what metals; you’ll stay organized and create the flawless look of your cabinetry in any room in your home.

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