Design Your Own Bathroom



              Comfort.  In every moment of existence, humans have an insatiable desire for comfort.  

Practically speaking, in order to increase the comfort of your home, your bathroom has to provide the feeling of relaxation.  You may not be an interior designer, but you do know what you like and what you don’t like.  You do know what makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and what fits your personality.  

           There are many styles involved in the process of designing your own bathroom, but this is an advantage.  This affords you opportunity to find the style that fits you. If you have original ideas on what your bath should look like, then the results will meet your expectations . . . comfort, relaxation, and an expression of who you are.  There are several things you need to take into consideration when you are developing your bathroom decor ideas.

         The most critically important thing to decide as you design your bathroom is lighting.  Lighting is standard decor in your bathroom.  Lighting sets the mood and controls the overall image of your bathroom. The mirror you choose comes in a close second.  It should reflect your personal style to be sure, but functionally it is the one piece of bathroom décor that can enhance the effects of lighting, and even expand one’s perception of the size of the room.  Since the bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, the right choice becomes quite important.

The next aspect of adding your personal design to your bathroom is represented by the accessories you actually choose.  These accessories are the “theme” of your bathroom, and materialize through decorative holders for toothbrushes, towel racks, hooks, baskets, soap dishes, shelving, and many other accessories. The shower curtain is also a very important accessory to help you complete the overall look of the entire room.

      Your bathroom decor ideas will add comfort to your life through your personal art in the form of design.  Your successful results will be original and personal and you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment and self expression.


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Voga Industries Classic Design Plaza Collection Towel Shelf Stainless Steel

Choosing Bathroom HardwareVoga Industries Classic Design Plaza Collection Towel Shelf Stainless Steel

By Jennifer Akre

The right bathroom hardware can complete a great bathroom design, provide essential storage, let you appreciate a few luxuries, and ensure added safety.

We like to make design statements with the furnishings in our homes. In the bathroom, the cabinets we install, the tile we select, and the plumbing fixtures we choose all speak to our sense of design. But very often, it’s the little details that convey those ideas to completion. The choices you make for bathroom hardware say something about your taste and the way you want to bring it through to the final detail.

Cabinet hardware provides us with many options to express our design ideas. Pick a style, and you can find a multitude of options out there. Looking for cabinet knobs and drawer pulls? A formal space calls for elegant finishes, embellishments and fine materials like crystal or carved marble. A modern bathroom would be enhanced with simple lines and smooth finishes, like an unadorned rod in polished chrome or a simple geometric drawer pull in polished stone. A rustic or ethnic-inspired design might call for a woven wicker pull or a hand-forged iron look. A bathroom used by a family can be a place to let your inner child run free-you can find a rubber ducky to grab onto when you open a drawer, or install simple handles in primary colors to coordinate with a crayon-inspired décor.

Likewise with towel bars. A high-end master bathroom may call for frosted glass bars installed in old-world style brackets or graceful designer-inspired lines. But in a well-used bathroom in a busy home, where maximizing storage space may be your top priority, you don’t have to sacrifice style. Install double towel bars within reach of the tub, add a portable towel caddy to give you double or triple the space of a single towel bar, or purchase a double shower curtain rod that includes a towel bar in its design.

Every bathroom needs to cover essentials, and bathroom hardware exists to give you lots of choices here. Soap dishes and liquid soap dispensers come in countertop versions or can be installed on the wall when the space around a pedestal sink is at a premium. Again, finish and material choices are abundant. A simple solution to storage in the shower is to place a shower caddy over the showerhead, or add a wire storage tower to the corner of a shower stall. You can install a shampoo/conditioner/shower gel caddy on the wall inside your tub or shower. That gets rid of the bottles that clutter the edge of your tub or the corner of your shower.

Bathroom hardware provides us with essentials, but it can also fill our need for a little luxury. Do you have a soaking tub, a retreat where you relax after the business of the day? Why don’t you add a tub caddy where you can place in an aromatherapy candle and the book you’ve been trying to find some time to finish? Using the bathroom as a mini-library calls for a magazine rack or even a bookshelf installed over the toilet tank. Browse the catalogs of bathroom hardware suppliers, and you’ll find it all there.

The right bathroom hardware can also protect your family. Don’t have to overlook safety in your bathroom design. Safety latches keep bathroom cabinets locked and keep little ones from getting into trouble. Grab bars should be installed in bathtubs and shower stalls when your family members may not be sure-footed. Purchase ADA-approved grab bars and follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer; you can view videos online to show you how to do this properly.

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