Uses of Cabinet Knobs


Importance of Cabinets in the Urban Home

Cabinets are very important in one’s household. Those who are passionate about home decoration take great pains in installing the appropriate designs and styles of cabinets. They are useful in every room, and hence, should be chosen carefully, keeping sync with the rest of the furniture.

Kitchen Cabinets                    

Cabinets in the kitchen are the most extensively used. They are used to store utensils and cutlery as well as dry food and cooking material.    

Cabinets in the Bedroom

In the bedroom cabinets are used to store winter wear which is used only a few months of the year. Extra bedding accessories and shoes are other objects stores in cabinets here.

Living Room Cabinets    

The living room cabinets are lined with books, television sets, DVD players and music system. Music CDs and speakers require separate cabinets here.

Cabinets for the Children

Children’s rooms have cabinets for their clothes, toys and academic materials.

Bathroom Cabinets

These are used to keep a variety of things such as soaps, shampoos, mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush and even medicines. There are separate ones for towels and toilet papers.

Cabinet Knobs

Knowing this you must realize the importance of cabinet knobs. These knobs are bought in bulk since they are required for every compartment of the cabinets installed in one’s home. However, you can spice things up by using different cabinet knobs for every room to uphold their individual style and theme.

For the living room cabinets you can choose something sober like metallic or wooden cabinet knobs. These are easy to clean and maintain. Glass knobs are also not a bad idea, especially if they are used for cabinets that are lesser used. This reduces the chance of breaking them. They look very good as well.

For the kitchen you must be careful with your choice of cabinet knobs. These knobs are used extensively a large number of times everyday. Things are taken out and put in continuously into kitchen cabinets, making them susceptible to damage easily. Therefore, these knobs should be hardy and able to withstand rough environment. The heat, oil and moisture in the air in kitchens can damage wood and metal. Therefore, using ceramic or glass knobs is a good idea.

The storage or laundry room cabinets usually store cleaning agents and mops. The best types of cabinet knobs that should be used in such areas are ones made from water resistant materials.   

   Children’s rooms are great to experiment with knobs. Cartoon characters, alphabets and youth icon figures are great ideas for cabinet knobs in these rooms. If your kids are too old for such juvenile ideas, you can always install knobs of sports and entertainment figures.          

Fitting the Knobs

One of the important aspects of fitting cabinet knobs is its size. You don’t want them to take up half the size of the cabinets; neither is it permissible to have them so small that one cannot even get a good grip to pull the door open. Measurement is the key in this case. Fitting them is not a Herculean task as long as you have a precise procedure and a steady hand at drilling in the nuts and screws. However, you can always hire professional help to get it done if you don’t want to risk it. Since they are available only in sets, if they are fitted wrongly, there is no way to replace single pieces.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the style of knobs keeping in mind the general decoration of the room. They can lend an interesting touch to the overall look and attract a lot of positive attention.

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Kitchen & Bath Channel APP Now Available For I-Phone is pleased to anounce there association with the Kitchen and Bath Channel. Kitchen and Bath Channel now has an app that can be downloaded on I-Phone and Droid.

  Blackberry APPS will be available shortly.


Building or remodeling your kitchen or bath is a complex endeavor, something many of us are not prepared to do without a professional at the helm. This free app connects homeowners with all types of professionals associated with your new kitchen or bathroom. With a database of over 15,000 designers, builders, remodelers, woodworkers, retailers and more coupled with a variety of searching options, you can find the right professional for your project and in many cases view examples of their work. Whether your project is as simple as finding products or repair parts or as complex as a design and build project, this app will help you find the correct source.
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Century Hardware Solid Brass, Pull, 3" c.c.

Cabinet Hardware Explained – From Decorative to Functional


Today’s cabinets vary as much in style as they do in functionality. Although styles can range wildly from simple big-box manufactured face frame cabinets with slab panel doors to intricately crafted custom cabinets hewn from the hands of generations of craftsmen, some things just never change. The cabinet hardware that makes these cabinets both functional and decorative is virtually universal throughout.

Yes, there are minor differences in cabinet hardware from one style of cabinet to another, however, the major types of hardware can be found in any style or construction of cabinet. The two main types of hardware are decorative and functional.


Decorative hardware, sometimes referred to as surface hardware, consists of the pieces that are mounted to the outside surface of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. They not only provide the means with which to open your cabinet doors, they also give your cabinetry that finishing touch. The various types are:

*handle pulls

*cup pulls



*ring, bail and pendant pulls

Handle and cup pulls are rigid and require two mounting screws to attach to the cabinet door or drawer front. Bail pulls also require two mounting screws, however, they can be rigid or swinging type bails. Knobs are just simple post-pulls that require one mounting screw. Ring and pendant pulls can be rigid or swinging and normally require one mounting screw although some may require two with a small center-to-center measurement.

The mounting hole spacing measurement is the most important measurement of a cabinet handle pull if you are replacing existing hardware. This measurement is taken from the center of one mounting hole to the center of the other, thus it is called the center-to-center measurement (abbreviations include: C-C, C/C, CTC). Obviously if you are replacing existing cabinet pulls, you will need to match your new hardware center-to-center measurement with that of the holes already drilled into your cabinet doors. Common measurements are 3″, 3-1/2″, 96mm and 4″, however there are many more than just those four.


Functional hardware consists of the hardware pieces that make your cabinets do what they are suppose to do. Doors open and close, drawers slide out and back in, giving you access to the items you have inside. Basically, if your cabinets didn’t have any of this type of hardware in and on them, they would be pretty useless. These types include:

*door hinges

*drawer slides

Door hinges are simply the hinges that connect your cabinet doors to the actual cabinet but as simple as their function is, the types, sizes and options abound. The three main distinguishing types of cabinet hinges are concealed, semi-concealed and non-concealed. These all can come in a variety of opening angles, swing types (free-swinging vs. self-closing), overlay sizes, insets as well as finishes.

Drawer slides are the pieces of hardware that allow your drawers to slide in and out. They are sometimes referred to by other names such as drawer guides, drawer glides, drawer runners and drawer tracks. The three main types used on cabinets are: side-mount, side/under-mount and under-mount. These types can be further classified by the distance they allow a drawer to be opened such as 3/4 extension, full-extension or over-travel extension.

Cabinet hardware is not very complicated on the surface. It is the many options that these basic pieces come in that gets a little more in-depth, too in-depth for this simple primer on cabinet hardware.


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Splash of Color

You can transform the entire appearance of your home with the right interior paint colors. The key is knowing which interior paint colors are right for your home and in which interior paint color combinations. Instead of choosing safe and conventional interior paint colors, why not take the time to research new possibilities? Learn how to choose the right paint color combinations for your home’s interior.

First of all there are the questions about what kind of effect you want to achieve and what kind of impression you hope to make. Are you looking for something peaceful and harmonious or do you want to create a bold and bright impact? Do you want to fit in into a conservative, historical neighborhood, or do you live in an area where you have full scope to explore your color eccentricities? Are you going to live in the house forever or do you plan on selling in the near future? In the latter case, you would be advised not to go overboard with the colors; potential buyers may not have the same taste and may be put off from buying.

Here are some commonly followed color schemes:

  • A monochromatic color scheme. Here you use the same color together with its tints and shades.
  • An analogous color scheme. This scheme is made up of colors lying next to each other on the color wheel.
  • A complementary color scheme. This scheme is made up of colors lying directly opposite to each other on the color wheel.

You can get more creative ideas for your interior color schemes from:

  • Fabric Designs.
  • Photographs.
  • Paintings.
  • Nature.
  • Other home interiors.
  • Magazine layouts.
  • Floral Arrangements.
  • Pottery.
  • Stones and Rocks.
  • Crayons.
  • Bird Feathers
  • Animal Fur

In the Kitchen: 

The use of decorative knobs from All That Glass Cabinet Knobs can really liven up your kitchen cabinets.  From the wild to the sublime, the glass knobs will add sparkle and beauty to any interior. Created with the same glass used in Pyrex bake ware, our knobs offer beauty and durability. All That Glass Cabinet Knobs are not just another ornament on the shelf, but useful beauty that you will touch and use every day.

Cobalt Glass Cabinet Knob

Allegre Collection Cobalt Glass Knob

In the Bathroom:

You can add colorful knobs to your bathroom cabinets as well! Hand blown glass knobs are the most creative interior accents for any of your cabinet or drawer hardware needs. From the wild to the sublime, the glass knobs will add sparkle and beauty to any interior.  Adagio Art Glass is owned by internationally acclaimed glass artist Mary Barron and her husband, Rick Barron. Mary’s glass art has been displayed at numerous invitational and juried shows and is featured in private and commercial collections in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Coastal Colors Collection

Coastal Colors Collection

In your Living Room:

Why not dress up those living room draperies? Susan Goldstick Knobs can help! Interior designers, kitchen planners, cabinet makers and absolutely anyone who enjoys beautiful things, are among the many whom have discovered the challenge and the magic of decorating with the knobs. The collection has now grown to include more than 100 different styles in an endless array of color possibilities from their special color palette.

Banister Ball or Finial -HangUp Congo Lt

Banister Ball or Finial -HangUp Congo Lt

The most important thing when choosing the use of color in any room is making sure you love it! 

It expresses who you are so use some color and have some fun!

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Bollywood Raspberry Beaded Knob

Atlas Homewares

Knobs, Hinges, & More is proud to carry Atlas Homewares which carries decorative hardware including cabinet hardware, house numbers, bath ensembles, door knockers and doorbells.

Your cabinet hardware is just the “bling” to take your kitchen design from “blah” to “bravo!” As you’d accessorize an outfit, dressing your cabinets with this glam collection of cabinet hardware designs by Atlas Homewares completes the look in your space. The Bollywood Beauties collection of beaded knobs comes in a range of trendy hues that’ll dress up those boring cabinet fronts. Choose from glittering Raspberry, Blue, Green, Aqua, Bronze, Umber and Blank & White, available in sizes small and large. Or get your glam on with the Tangeres collection of glass knobs and pulls. This luxurious line of statement hardware doesn’t blend into the background! The collection comes in Ruby, Crystal, Emerald and Sapphire, and is finished with dramatic metal detail that turns each piece into an exotic work of art. 

Atlas Homewares are made from quality metals.  The actual metal type depends on the finish you order.  Atlas Homewares does not use metal substitues which will eventually show wear and deteriorate.

Atlas Homewares has been in business for many years and is located in California.

Tangeres Drawer Pull

Tangeres Drawer Pull

Knobs, Hinges, and More 
also offers a wide variety of outstanding home decorating
and maintenance products 


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