Alllied Brass Vanity Soap Dish

Allied Brass Vanity Soap Dish

If you’re looking for a quick update for your bathroom, one of the quickest ways you possibly can accomplish it is to update your toilet accessories.  When you’re feeling that your bathroom needs a bit of pizzazz, or when you’re just a bit bored with the old decor, a extremely fast and cheap manner to do this is to get new accessories.  While a brand new set of towels and matching rug and bathroom cover would possibly instantly spring to thoughts when pondering toilet accessories, there are various extra possibilities. Just among the gadgets out there for bathroom accessories on-line are grab bars, hooks, mirrors, paper holders, shelves, shower baskets, shower rods, soap dishes, towel bars, towel rings, tumblers and vanity accessories.

In addition, other bathroom accessories that you simply would possibly consider include plumbing fixtures-the faucets and tap handles that you simply select, as well as lighting in your bathroom, and the all-important categories of mirrors. There are all kinds of types to think about-one thing for every taste. Some like to have everything coordinated while others like to mix and match their accessories. For example, you might select completely different types of brushed chrome toilet accessories, but so long as they are all brushed chrome they may look good together.

Remember that some bathroom accessories are essential. This consists of the towel bar and the toilet tissue holder. Others aren’t technically important, but practically so, similar to a cleaning soap dish or dispenser, and a vanity shelf. If you are seeking to update your bathroom,  a great way to make it feel brand new is so as to add touches of luxury like a heated towel rack or a magnifying mirror which pulls out from the wall.

Does your bathroom need an update? With a quick new coat of paint, some well-chosen bathroom accessories, and a new set of towels, you’ll feel like you had an interior designer come to your home!

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MommyMakeupEveryone has a right to look good, but if you’ve ever been in a department store you may have noticed that the lipstick that looked fabulous on you in the store, makes you look like a clown when you walk outside. The same thing could very well be happening in your own bathroom!

We depend on the mirrors and lights in our home for many things and each one should be selected according to the purpose for which it will be used.

Our focus today is for the ladies – but this issue is just as important for men, since mirrors can get you into big trouble if you’re not careful. You know the old question “does this dress make me look fat?” Of course, all men know that there is no ‘right’ answer – but if you say NO and the mirror and lighting says YES, you are in big trouble for sure. Make the lady in your life happy by letting her pick the perfect combination so that the mirror says the right thing every time and you can stay out of the dog house!

Selecting the Perfect Mirror for Make-Up

Magnifying Mirro

Magnifying Mirror

Applying make-up on your face could not be possible without make-up mirrors. So, basically, through this instrument, you can make your face look more youthful and rejuvenated. A good make-up mirror can prevent tragic mistakes when applying make-up. The good thing is that you can prevent and correct any make-up mishaps before your neighbor points it out and for those ladies that wear glasses, there are mirrors that are capable of helping you see in detail from 3X to 12X magnification. You can even find magnified mirrors now inside of compact make-up kits, free-standing or individually. Make sure to think about what size, shape and magnification is going to work best for you, and of course consider how it will change the appearance of your bathroom too!

Selecting the Perfect Lighting for Make-Up

Colombo Mirror Lamp

Colombo Mirror Lamp

The proper lighting is also very important when applying make-up. There is a balance to all things, so if the lighting says you don’t have on enough blush but when you get in the car it looks like you have a sunburn – – you may seriously want to consider replacing the lighting in your bathroom! The proper lighting can help you apply the right tones and highlights so that when you walk out the door, you look as fabulous as you did in the bathroom. It is advised to apply make-up in natural lighting and there are many different types of lighting and light bulbs that can recreate this effect inside the house. In order for you to get a better idea of what enhances your looks, it is good if you perform experiments using all types of make-up in front of different mirrors and lighting. Don’t be afraid to break out the lipstick and see how it looks under each one, you’ll be amazed at how different the results can be.


Proper Lighting for Applying Make-up

When choosing the best lighting for makeup application, make sure it is a soft light that doesn’t cast shadows on the face. Apply makeup in a daytime-like light with this free video from a professional makeup artist via

Expert: Kim Haertl
Bio: Kimberly Haertl has worked and been trained as a makeup artist and skincare consultant by major cosmetic brands such as Chanel, Lancôme, Shisedio, La Parire and Dior.