Glass Knobs – A Touch of Class



   I know, I know – you’re tired of your kitchen cabinets. No, you don’t regret for one minute choosing glass, but you also realize a coat of paint can’t help you make the kitchen have that touch of class you’re ready for. Knobs, Hinges, & More has the perfect solution! Changing the cabinet hardware and knobs or pulls will give your kitchen that classy look you seek.

                  These days cabinet knobs come in different designs, colors and shapes. No longer are round cabinet norms the only way to go. Homeowners can choose from a range of kitchen cabinet knobs including hand painted glass knobs and antique mosaic knobs.Kitchen cabinet hardware has also changed a lot over the past few years. These days kitchen counter hardware has become a lot more sophisticated. The hinges available for the cabinets have improved in quality and design over the years.                                        

 As you shop for kitchen hardware and kitchen cabinet knobs, you’ll be surprised by the range and colors available. For some the choices may even seem intimidating. Take a close look at the hand painted ceramic knobs. Talk about classy!! While searching for kitchen knobs, look at the aesthetic appeal of the knobs as well as their functionality. Take the time to peruse your options carefully.

Choose kitchen cabinet knobs that match the cabinets, shelves and countertop, and take the decor to the next level. Oh, and most importantly, be sure you pick something that expresses YOU. (That’s why you’re going classy in the first place, right? Of course right!)

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Decorative Hardware Do’s and Don’ts


The home sales market has gone bust, so it looks like you are going to be hanging around in your place a lot longer then you expected. This in turn has left you wandering around the local warehouse hardware store scouting out ways to make your home a nice more comfortable place to live.

An Excellent Investment

Decorative hardware is an easy way to give your home the aesthetic boost that it needs, for several reasons. For one thing, it is generally easy to install if you have the right hand tools. Also, decorative hardware is something that will not escape notice. Much of it is at eye level and guests will in fact often have to touch it, as is with light and fan switches.

Start at Your Front Door and Porch

Your first target area should be your front door and porch. This is where the first impression is made on a potential buyer, like it or not. People like to see a good solid front door knob that looks like it is safe and durable. The same thing applies for lighting on the front porch. Don’t chince if you don’t have to, because the front porch and front door are both very important.

Something to Think About

You may have already noticed that you have innumerable choices in decorative hardware to select from at your local hardware store. The first thing that you will want to be careful of, is that you don’t buy components that cover a smaller area on the wall or ceiling that the component that you are replacing does.

You Don’t Need A Paint Job

This is because you will be stuck with an exposed ugly unpainted or faded area that you didn’t count on. If you don’t have matching paint to touch up these exposed areas around your component then you will have no choice but to paint all your walls and ceilings. Another tip, is to not go nuts and buy the most expensive decorative hardware available. Often moderately priced components look just fine when they are finally installed.

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       Cabinet Knobs – Innovative Design For Your Home

     By Benedict Perez

Wherever you stay you should get a feel of living at your own space. You might be living at a rented or your own apartment and there ways by which you can make it more lively place to stay. Planning for getting major changes or entirely redoing the place is impractical. The best solution is to be creative and think about smaller things. Changing cabinet hardware or Cabinet Knobs is a very good option to give the place your own feel.

Be creative in planning to buy a new set of knobs which matches the design and style of your room. Having knobs on the cabinets as per your choice and taste will make you feel like living in a place which is completely yours. You can even plan and create your own knob designs and styles for your rooms. No heavy tools and efforts are required to change the knobs of the cabinet and it is a simple and easy task.

Many stores offer all the hardware and tools that are required to make the necessary changes. Think of the design, its placement and make a list of all the items that you will need. For selecting the right knobs plan for the design, style and size of the knob that will match the complete look of your room as well as matches the theme of your apartment.

You can start with making a list of things that will be required for the change. Try to think about which style, color and design of the knob you desire before going to the market. By selecting hardware and knobs of incomparable design and superior quality you can surely make your home more beautiful. There are even customized and handmade knobs available in the market today. You can even get your designs hand painted or colored to fill your room with the beauty.

Check the size which perfectly fits the cabinet screw holes. Carry your old knobs along when you go for buying the new ones. This will help you to buy the right size of knob that will fit your cabinet.

 Once the older knobs have been taken out you should keep them with screws at a store place. These old knobs can be used on any cabinets in future and can even be put back in case you are living in a rented apartment. Changing the cabinet knobs will surely make you feel having a new place to live in.

After having bought all the required hardware and knobs start taking out the older knobs. However make it a point to keep the old knobs, screws and the hardware together at a place so they can be put back in case you are having a rented apartment. Be careful not to put any scratches or dents in the cabinet while changing the knobs. By changing the cabinet knobs you will feel like having a new cabinet and a beautiful place to live in.

You can also avail the discount prices being offered by various online stores and have the knobs delivered at your doorstep. Browse though the various designs option and find the one which is perfect cabinet knobs for your room helping in making the place look new.

There is a way to enhance the appearance of your cabinets and you can do that with wonderful designs of kitchen cabinet knobs. These designs are lovely and  durable as well. You certainly find elegance and style in these items. 

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Beyond Functional – Kitchen Cabinet Pulls As Art

By Jennifer Akre

All you need to do to outfit your cabinets with a set of kitchen cabinet pulls is to wander into your local home improvement store. The aisle containing in-stock kitchen cabinet pulls gives you plenty of options, in many styles and materials. Chances are, you can stop in at the store once and buy the couple dozen or so pieces of hardware you need in a style you like. If you want, it’s possible to decide to do this project in the morning, and have it finished after lunch.

If, however, you want to take on this project and turn it into something artistic, creative, or exotic, you have a wealth of sources to tap into. There’s a wide selection of kitchen cabinet pulls on the Internet that you won’t likely see anywhere in your neighborhood.

If you want to stay on the traditional side of artistic kitchen hardware, you might want to check out the kitchen cabinet pulls in cast metal. Yes, metal pulls are available in abundant choices from the most popular manufacturers, but when you dig deeper, you can find gorgeous, unique tiny sculptures for kitchen cabinet pulls. For example, if you have a tropical décor that you would like to carry into your kitchen, you can purchase a set of bronze Macaws, tinted in realistic colors, to perch on the front of your cabinet doors. If you have a favorite flower, you can select Art Nouveau-inspired, cast metal kitchen cabinet pulls displaying roses, poppies, or my personal favorite, irises. Or if you love the balanced geometry of Craftsman design, you can find brass and enamel (either in black, or in a palate of coordinated colors) kitchen cabinet pulls that draw from these classic designs.

Many craft artists are drawn to glass as their media. Glass can be molded and coaxed into graceful shapes – and, the colors! If celebrating color and displaying color moves you, glass gives you as many options as you can imagine. No wonder there are so many glass kitchen cabinet pulls available from crafts artists.

One line of glass kitchen cabinet pulls mirror the sheets of swirled, colored glass used by stained glass artists. A single bar-shaped pull shows streaks of brilliant blue, neon yellow, or glowing green. Similar kitchen cabinet pulls have simple white and black glass backgrounds, but are sprinkled with glass “confetti” in contrasting colors.

If you’re a fan of Venetian glass, you’ll recognize the joyful designs in a set of millefiori kitchen cabinet pulls. Millefiori, meaning “a thousand flowers” in Italian, is a glass design created by fusing wire-thin rods of glass into clusters, then collecting these clusters and fusing them into larger blocks of glass. When the glass is sliced, the clusters of tiny glass rods resemble flowers. Simple metal pulls embedded with millefiori beads and other blown-glass beads turn the functional into a work of art.

Some craft artists find inspiration from exotic fabrics, rich jewels, and combinations of shapes. One beautiful collection of kitchen cabinet pulls makes use of satiny paint finishes, Swarovski crystals, and stacked cubes, discs, and cones. Are they bonbons? Are they flowers from another planet? Are they treasures stolen from a sheik’s private treasure trove?

Do you admire stained glass windows? You don’t need to add one to your house to enjoy them in your home. You can buy tiny kitchen cabinet knobs that resemble tiny church windows, pieced together like a miniature glass puzzle. Bright colors, subtle metallics, and dichriotic and fused glass treatments make bold artistic statements in a mere 1 ½ inches.

Avoid the mundane. Consider the exotic.


Look for Adagio Glass Art,Sietto,Windborne Studios,Te-Ma


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