October 2008

Door locks and knobs are often the first line of defense in protecting property and privacy. Locks, as part of doorknob assemblies, are a key consideration when choosing a doorknob. Read on to learn about different kinds of locks and locksets.

A “privacy” lock has a lock on the inside knob only, and is usually used on bathroom, bedroom and other interior rooms.

A “keyed” lock has a key slot on the outside knob and a button or thumb turn on the inside. Keyed locks are most effective when used on exterior doors, and are also used for closets and storage room doors requiring more security.

Assemblies for these locks are called locksets, and consist of the knobs or handles, a latch bolt assembly and other associated trim pieces – in other words, the entire door knob / lock assembly.

Locks are easy to replace, but new installations are more challenging, since precise hole-cutting is required.

One last tip – decide on which type of lock is required for your project before shopping for doorknobs. There’s a lock or lockset for any need you could require in your home, in various shapes, styles and colors, and changing locksets and doorknobs are a simple, yet elegant touch to room redecorations.

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There are several considerations to make before selecting a doorknob. Read on to learn more.

The type of door will influence the style of doorknob. For example, interior doors typically don’t need keyed locks, but privacy locks for bedrooms and bathrooms are common.

Measure the thickness of your door, and then decide on which type of knob, such as a round knob, thumb-latch or lever-type. Homes with children or disabled persons will appreciate lever-type knobs, which are much easier to open than traditional round knobs.

When shopping for exterior knobs, be mindful of those that open from the inside and then not unlock (where you may lock yourself out!).

When redecorating, purchase all of your doorknobs in the room at the same time.

Consider decorative glass or metal doorknobs, which last far longer than cheap plastic or fiberglass doorknobs. They also function better for everyday use.

Purchase doorknobs at the same time. If you are buying a large quantity of decorative doorknobs, as you would with kitchen cabinets, buy them at once. If you buy them separately, they may not match or the store may run out of or discontinue that particular style.

One last tip: avoid buying authentic antique doorknobs for functional use. These antiques are best used in light-duty, decorative applications.


Personalize and otherwise boring door with decorative doorknobs. Since they come in a large variety of sizes, colors and styles, doorknobs add your own personal touch and match just about any interior décor style.

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