Knock Knock – Who’s There?

. . . . Someone standing on your porch looking at your front door while waiting for you to answer the doorbell deciding just what kind of taste you have. You know what they say . . . you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This gateway into your home is nerve center of every house. It has a power all its own! The door grants protection, offers first impressions, and allows someone to cross from the outside to the inside your very life.

Now that’s important.

Door Knocker

Door Knocker

Not paying enough attention to door hardware and fittings may prove costly to any homeowner. Investing in hardware for your door is desirable as it will add value to your home, permit you to sleep well at night knowing you and your loved ones are safe, and has potential to say just who you are to those that do not know you. Not to mention granting your home a pleasant visual appearance.

House Number

House Number

After choosing the door itself, the accessories to enhance the style are the next choices you must make. Things to decide upon and get ordered early are bolts, hinges, door knobs or door pulls, door knocker or doorbell, door stops, and finally door mail slot or mail box. You know, while you’re at it, you might consider going ahead and ordering your house numbers just so you’re sure they’ll match and you’re satisfied.

Manufacturers of door hardware are well aware of this aspect and strive to offer only the best possible products. Many companies produce door hardware made of solid brass, but can offer even gold plated brass, should a client have such demands. In order to meet the clients’ needs, producers struggle to offer door hardware that would perfectly suit the type of building it is created for. There are some companies that produce door hardware from antique black iron and flat black iron. Some of the best producers, that have been active for hundreds of years, still use the old manufacturing techniques as they did in the past. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! They understand the old ways are the best for strength and durability. It gives their products the authentic look that many homeowners strive for.

Flower Doorbell

Flower Doorbell

A beautiful door is a terrible thing to mangle with poor door hardware choices!! It isn’t uncommon for buildings to be disfigured by people who install totally inappropriate door hardware. Manufacturers can create exact replicas of the original ironmongery, using the same production methods and molds. Instead, many opt for cheaper versions that appear similar to the original ones. At a closer look, one can observe the poor finnishes and the fake patina that producers strive to incorporate.

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The Art of Mixing Finishes

An eclectic blend will appeal to today’s buyer. The trick is doing it tastefully.

At the height of the building boom, builders had to move fast to stay on top of their production schedules, especially with material and labor shortages. In some cases that led them to use whatever fixtures they could get easily and quickly. As a result, the master bathroom might end up with oil-rubbed bronze faucets on the vanity, a brushed nickel light fixture, chrome plumbing fixtures in the tub and a polished brass door knob. Today, those same builders are often under extreme pressure to use whatever fits in the budget, and the end result is typically the same – a combination of several finishes in a single room.

The Art of Mixing Finishes Photo credit: Jamie Kern, Design Theory Interiors
Combining two different finishes, such as these sconces and faucet, adds visual interest to a room.

But if approached correctly, the blending of finishes is not necessarily a bad thing. While individual designers have their own opinions on what works and what doesn’t, there’s more latitude than one might think when it comes to mixing and matching.

In a market where resale value is a high priority, using suites of matching finishes is the safest thing to do, if not the most interesting. But when people intend to live in their homes longer – as is the case with most buyers today – they will respond more favorably to eclectic touches. “With the slow economy and people living in their homes more, we’re looking to create differences, not uniformity,” says Irvine, Calif.-based interior designer Kelli Ellis. “Now it’s okay to mix things.”

Bellevue, Wash.-based interior designer Gail Monica Dent, owner of Provanti Designs, likes to create what appears to be a collection of fixtures, rather than a set. She finds that people respond favorably when the various fixtures in a room look like a collection of items that were purchased by the same person at different times. “It’s much more fun and interesting, although it takes a little work to do.”

If there’s a general guideline about mixing and matching finishes, it’s that mixing two contrasting finishes in a single space is fine, while three or more will appear cluttered or confusing. Jamie Kern, ASID, president of Design Theory Interiors in Atlanta, says that when working on a kitchen or bathroom she prefers faucets in one finish, with a contrasting finish on cabinet hardware. “I like the dynamics of the contrast, as it allows each element to have its own identity,” she says. “And it also gives you some flexibility.”

Another method of blending finishes in a bathroom can be used when a shower, tub or vanity is treated as a focal point. Examples might be a shower with the luxurious Waterhill® Spa suite or the nature-inspired Bamboo® Shower collection, both from ShowHouse® by Moen®. In this situation, Kern recommends using faucets with a different finish than the other fixtures as another means of setting it apart and adding visual interest.

The above guidelines apply to wood finishes as well. In fact, contrasting wood finishes within a space are a must to prevent “visual monotony,” according to Kern. She says that the contrast will highlight each piece much more effectively than a sea of identical finishes, making for a more interesting space.

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Cabinet Knobs Can Invigorate Your Space in a Flash

By J Richardson


Are you tired of your plain, dull design in your bathroom, bedrooms or kitchen? With the continually downward slump of the economy, you probably think you cannot possibly afford a home renovation project. But what many homeowners do not realize is that – yes – a home renovation project can be affordable and spice up the design of your room instantly! Don’t believe it? By simply updating your old, worn cabinet knobs, you can transform any design from boring to beautiful.

Gather Your Tools
Unlike most home hardware installations, replacing your knobs and pulls in any room does not require the help of an experienced professional. Count that as money well saved already! Plus, this project requires minimal tools and minimal effort – it is so easy, even your children can help you. Prior to beginning your new project, be sure to have the following tools on hand:

  – Tape measure
– Pencils
– Cabinet pulls, knobs, or handles
– Matching screws and hinges
– Screwdriver

Get Rid of the Old Stuff
With these tools on hand, you are now ready to remove your old hardware. Be sure to unscrew each cabinet knob entirely before removing so that you do not cause accidental or unnecessary damage to the wood or plastic cabinet front piece. Before you throw these items into the trash, however, consider donating them to another home (if they are in good condition, of course). If you are not prepared to host a yard sale, auction them off online on or even; your home renovation project just might inspire another family to update their cabinets with your trash-turned-treasure.

Shop Around for Sizes
Now is your chance to update the out-dated décor with new bathroom cabinet knobs (or any room, really). Consider what size handles, knobs and pulls you already have in your bathroom. Are some drawers harder to open, certain cabinet handles harder to grasp? Changing the size of your cabinet hardware might make life easier. But before you purchase tons of hardware in one size, you should buy a few various sizes to test out just in case. Larger sized cabinet handles in close proximity with one another could end up just cluttering an area and not making it any easier, such as in your kitchen.

Create a Colorful Effect
Once you have decided on what sizes work best for which locations, you should also consider changing the color or finish of your kitchen cabinet knobs. Traditional cabinet knobs are available in a variety of finishes such as oil rubbed, satin, matte, weathered and polished. Additionally, each knob can be of a different metal such as chrome, brass, iron, pewter, nickel, bronze and copper. For the bold homeowner, try mixing and matching to create a unique look in your home.

Try a New Style Combination
Replacing your cabinet knobs does not just include removing and installing fresh, new knobs but rather creating a new look and feel. One contemporary renovation style includes mixing cabinet knobs according to the layout of the room. Cabinets and drawers below the waist are adorned with darkest finishes-such as matte nickels or bronzes. Next, mid to waist level drawers feature a lighter shade of handles like a copper or brass with a weathered finish. Finally, the highest shelving units and cabinets should feature the lightest colored finishes and metals. Creating this layered look keeps the eye moving upwards; if the look was reversed, the eyes would lock in on the dark finishes at the ceilings and never even glance at the floor-level handles. Remember to purchase corresponding hinges and screws so that your newly renovated area is complete, without mismatching accessories. The easiest way to avoid this decorating disaster is to write down a count of how many cabinets you have, what finishes and what metals; you’ll stay organized and create the flawless look of your cabinetry in any room in your home.

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Cabinet Knobs – Flower Themes For Spring

By Jennifer Akre


  If you are looking for a quick way to add color and freshen up your home when spring approaches consider making small changes that can have a big impact on the room. Changing out the knobs on your cabinets is an easy but very effective way to bring color and a fresh look into the room.

You can also change them out on your kitchen, bathroom, and any other cabinets in the house as well. It’s a quick and relatively inexpensive way to make a big visual change to a room.

There are a wide variety of cabinet knobs available at your local hardware stores and also available online; but there are a few things you might want to consider before making your final purchase.

Size of Knob

When shopping for new cabinet knobs don’t necessarily look for ones that match the size of your existing ones. Think about selecting new versions that are slightly larger than the ones you have; a larger cabinet knob will make more of a visual impact.

Type of Knob

With the wide variety of available cabinet knobs, you will have a great many to choose from. There are ceramic, wooden, metal, and even plastic options available. Be sure that what you select are a good quality.

Size of Screw

If possible, take one of your existing cabinet knobs and its screw with you to the hardware store; this will allow you to measure the existing screw with those of the new ones. Matching the screw size will ensure that your new knobs will be an easy install. If at all possible, try to avoid the need to expand the existing holes for them on the cabinet doors.


The whole concept of changing the knobs on your cabinets is to bring seasonal color into the room, so don’t be afraid to pick colors that stand out and bring attention to themselves.

If you have white cabinet doors think about vivid red porcelain cabinet knobs, or bright white ceramic options with bright red flowers painted on them. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your choices. The spring season is all about bright colors and making a large impact with seasonal floral colors.

Note: If your cabinets are a dark cherry color you might struggle with selecting an appropriate color of cabinet knob. Consider, instead, selecting a black metal cabinet knob with an intricate floral pattern.


Your local Decorative Hardware store will have a wide variety of cabinet knobs for you to choose from.  Alternatively, you can shop online; there are several websites devoted simply to cabinets and cabinet hardware. Just remember to be specific about the size of the screw.

This is a great project for someone with little to no DIY knowledge; additionally, changing your cabinet knobs is a fast and easy way to make a great seasonal change to the various cabinets in your home. With a few minutes of effort you can make-over your kitchen, or bathroom cabinets with them.


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Helpful Tips When Buying Door Levers

By James A Jackson


An excellent means of updating the look of your home is by choose new door levers. Interestingly, little thought is given to this particular door hardware yet when a more modern, exotic, or interesting lever is installed, it quickly becomes the first thing people see. Today, the vast selection of door handles is not designed simply for functionality but also aesthetics. Manufacturers of door hardware have taken the demand of consumers seriously and in return, created some of the most stunning designs imaginable. Literally any style home, room decorum, or personal preference could be complemented with door levers now being offered on the market.

Before going out to buy just any door lever, it would be important to consider any unique architectural features of the home. Additionally, while the decor of the room would be an important consideration, you also want to focus on choices that would enhance any new decor you might choose in the future, as well as what potential homeowners would be most attracted to if you plan to sell the home within the next few years. Even the door itself would be a factor in the decision-making process in that you want the door lever to blend in with the style.

Typically as you look around, you will discover that door levers, as well as other types of door hardware are broken down by category to include antique, vintage, country, contemporary, classic, European, etc. However, one category that offers a multitude of possibilities regardless of the architectural features of the home or room decor is transitional. This style incorporates elements of both old and new so the lever designs would blend in beautifully with a period home or an ultra modern home recently built.

Although the aesthetics of door handles and levers are a major part of choosing, be sure the lever provides the needed functionality. For instance, door levers come in both right and left-handed designs, some feature a locking mechanism and some are simply stationary levers used more for appearance. It would also be beneficial to purchase door levers of the same style, material, and finish throughout the home. With this, the lever would complement each room but also provide a cohesive look, which is cleaner.

The material and finish of the door lever will also make a bold statement or provide a more subtle look. Remember, some of the door hardware now being designed and sold is truly a masterpiece. Therefore, if you want a particular room or door to stand out where the door lever actually becomes a focal point, then you would go with something more dramatic. The list of materials and finishes used for door hardware is long but the most popular choices include brushed nickel, antique brass, pewter, and satin stainless steel.

Finally, you want to know your budget prior to starting the shopping journey. After all, knowing the cap of what you can spend would steer you away from more expensive door levers. Just because you may be somewhat limited financially does not mean the level of options would decrease. Manufacturers of door hardware have hundreds and hundreds of different options to fit within any budget while creating a gorgeous door and home without spending a fortune.


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Beyond Functional – Kitchen Cabinet Pulls As Art

By Jennifer Akre

All you need to do to outfit your cabinets with a set of kitchen cabinet pulls is to wander into your local home improvement store. The aisle containing in-stock kitchen cabinet pulls gives you plenty of options, in many styles and materials. Chances are, you can stop in at the store once and buy the couple dozen or so pieces of hardware you need in a style you like. If you want, it’s possible to decide to do this project in the morning, and have it finished after lunch.

If, however, you want to take on this project and turn it into something artistic, creative, or exotic, you have a wealth of sources to tap into. There’s a wide selection of kitchen cabinet pulls on the Internet that you won’t likely see anywhere in your neighborhood.

If you want to stay on the traditional side of artistic kitchen hardware, you might want to check out the kitchen cabinet pulls in cast metal. Yes, metal pulls are available in abundant choices from the most popular manufacturers, but when you dig deeper, you can find gorgeous, unique tiny sculptures for kitchen cabinet pulls. For example, if you have a tropical décor that you would like to carry into your kitchen, you can purchase a set of bronze Macaws, tinted in realistic colors, to perch on the front of your cabinet doors. If you have a favorite flower, you can select Art Nouveau-inspired, cast metal kitchen cabinet pulls displaying roses, poppies, or my personal favorite, irises. Or if you love the balanced geometry of Craftsman design, you can find brass and enamel (either in black, or in a palate of coordinated colors) kitchen cabinet pulls that draw from these classic designs.

Many craft artists are drawn to glass as their media. Glass can be molded and coaxed into graceful shapes – and, the colors! If celebrating color and displaying color moves you, glass gives you as many options as you can imagine. No wonder there are so many glass kitchen cabinet pulls available from crafts artists.

One line of glass kitchen cabinet pulls mirror the sheets of swirled, colored glass used by stained glass artists. A single bar-shaped pull shows streaks of brilliant blue, neon yellow, or glowing green. Similar kitchen cabinet pulls have simple white and black glass backgrounds, but are sprinkled with glass “confetti” in contrasting colors.

If you’re a fan of Venetian glass, you’ll recognize the joyful designs in a set of millefiori kitchen cabinet pulls. Millefiori, meaning “a thousand flowers” in Italian, is a glass design created by fusing wire-thin rods of glass into clusters, then collecting these clusters and fusing them into larger blocks of glass. When the glass is sliced, the clusters of tiny glass rods resemble flowers. Simple metal pulls embedded with millefiori beads and other blown-glass beads turn the functional into a work of art.

Some craft artists find inspiration from exotic fabrics, rich jewels, and combinations of shapes. One beautiful collection of kitchen cabinet pulls makes use of satiny paint finishes, Swarovski crystals, and stacked cubes, discs, and cones. Are they bonbons? Are they flowers from another planet? Are they treasures stolen from a sheik’s private treasure trove?

Do you admire stained glass windows? You don’t need to add one to your house to enjoy them in your home. You can buy tiny kitchen cabinet knobs that resemble tiny church windows, pieced together like a miniature glass puzzle. Bright colors, subtle metallics, and dichriotic and fused glass treatments make bold artistic statements in a mere 1 ½ inches.

Avoid the mundane. Consider the exotic.


Look for Adagio Glass Art,Sietto,Windborne Studios,Te-Ma


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Atlas Homewares "Bon Voyage" Paris Ceramic Cabinet Knob

Atlas Homewares "Bon Voyage" Paris Ceramic Cabinet Knob


Cabinet Hardware – Art Of Beauty And Creativity

By Melissa Roy

Earlier cabinet hardware components like cabinet knobs, pulls, hatches, hinges, latches, handles and attachments were only used for practical purposes. To serve and assist in the proper working and movement of the cabinet doors seemed the sole object of inserting them in the cabinetry system. Thus, the usage of the cabinet hardware components was the only factor that determined the kind, shape or material of the hardware components. Now and then, some fancy shape or embellished cabinet knob might be used to further enhance the overall appearance of the cabinet, but such cases were rare.

However, as we look down the lanes of the twentieth century and the recent developments, it can be better understood that no longer the small and insignificant looking cabinet hardware components are being installed only for the sake of assisting in opening and closing of the cabinet doors. In the present days, their presence has acquired an altogether different meaning.

It is difficult for people to admire the importance of the hardware components in commemorating the artistry of the cabinet system, but it is one of the basic purpose for which the cabinet hardware components are being installed.

An ordinary looking cabinet system such that which can be found commonly in homes can be duly given a facelift and acquire amazing results if they are installed with an exquisitely carved and polished metallic or wooden cabinet knob, or a floral patterned glass pull or even a funky colourful button knob. The cabinet no longer will be an ordinary commonplace one but a unique and attractive component of your room.

In the similar way, an antique looking Victorian styled cabinetry with intricate panelling and carving will look a thousand times more imposing if a suitable set of well-matched cabinet hardware is attached to it.

Thus, what is implied by these examples is that with a small amount of expenditure and without any fuss you can get a completely different and altered look for your cabinetry system, and for this you do not even have to go and make sweeping changes.

To add to the merits of the cabinet hardware component, you will notice that there are no steadfast rules that you have to stick to, while making a pick. However, some care must be taken to ensure it is of the right size to suit the cabinetry system and can be properly fitted into it. Other than these few things, one can easily go with their creative instincts and have exceptional results.

To install them you do no require any professional assistance. Some simple basic tools is all you need, thus it is very easy to change them whenever you like.

There are a number of companies, which include world-renowned manufacturers like Topex Hardware, Classic Brass, Schaub and Company, Waterwood Hardware, AHI Hardware, Colombo, Fusion Hardware, Adagio, Windborne, AcornCentury Hardware and Cliffside    offering a wide array of cabinet hardware and components to suit your preferences.

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