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   I know, I know – you’re tired of your kitchen cabinets. No, you don’t regret for one minute choosing glass, but you also realize a coat of paint can’t help you make the kitchen have that touch of class you’re ready for. Knobs, Hinges, & More has the perfect solution! Changing the cabinet hardware and knobs or pulls will give your kitchen that classy look you seek.

                  These days cabinet knobs come in different designs, colors and shapes. No longer are round cabinet norms the only way to go. Homeowners can choose from a range of kitchen cabinet knobs including hand painted glass knobs and antique mosaic knobs.Kitchen cabinet hardware has also changed a lot over the past few years. These days kitchen counter hardware has become a lot more sophisticated. The hinges available for the cabinets have improved in quality and design over the years.                                        

 As you shop for kitchen hardware and kitchen cabinet knobs, you’ll be surprised by the range and colors available. For some the choices may even seem intimidating. Take a close look at the hand painted ceramic knobs. Talk about classy!! While searching for kitchen knobs, look at the aesthetic appeal of the knobs as well as their functionality. Take the time to peruse your options carefully.

Choose kitchen cabinet knobs that match the cabinets, shelves and countertop, and take the decor to the next level. Oh, and most importantly, be sure you pick something that expresses YOU. (That’s why you’re going classy in the first place, right? Of course right!)

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Cabinet Knobs Can Invigorate Your Space in a Flash

By J Richardson


Are you tired of your plain, dull design in your bathroom, bedrooms or kitchen? With the continually downward slump of the economy, you probably think you cannot possibly afford a home renovation project. But what many homeowners do not realize is that – yes – a home renovation project can be affordable and spice up the design of your room instantly! Don’t believe it? By simply updating your old, worn cabinet knobs, you can transform any design from boring to beautiful.

Gather Your Tools
Unlike most home hardware installations, replacing your knobs and pulls in any room does not require the help of an experienced professional. Count that as money well saved already! Plus, this project requires minimal tools and minimal effort – it is so easy, even your children can help you. Prior to beginning your new project, be sure to have the following tools on hand:

  – Tape measure
– Pencils
– Cabinet pulls, knobs, or handles
– Matching screws and hinges
– Screwdriver

Get Rid of the Old Stuff
With these tools on hand, you are now ready to remove your old hardware. Be sure to unscrew each cabinet knob entirely before removing so that you do not cause accidental or unnecessary damage to the wood or plastic cabinet front piece. Before you throw these items into the trash, however, consider donating them to another home (if they are in good condition, of course). If you are not prepared to host a yard sale, auction them off online on or even; your home renovation project just might inspire another family to update their cabinets with your trash-turned-treasure.

Shop Around for Sizes
Now is your chance to update the out-dated décor with new bathroom cabinet knobs (or any room, really). Consider what size handles, knobs and pulls you already have in your bathroom. Are some drawers harder to open, certain cabinet handles harder to grasp? Changing the size of your cabinet hardware might make life easier. But before you purchase tons of hardware in one size, you should buy a few various sizes to test out just in case. Larger sized cabinet handles in close proximity with one another could end up just cluttering an area and not making it any easier, such as in your kitchen.

Create a Colorful Effect
Once you have decided on what sizes work best for which locations, you should also consider changing the color or finish of your kitchen cabinet knobs. Traditional cabinet knobs are available in a variety of finishes such as oil rubbed, satin, matte, weathered and polished. Additionally, each knob can be of a different metal such as chrome, brass, iron, pewter, nickel, bronze and copper. For the bold homeowner, try mixing and matching to create a unique look in your home.

Try a New Style Combination
Replacing your cabinet knobs does not just include removing and installing fresh, new knobs but rather creating a new look and feel. One contemporary renovation style includes mixing cabinet knobs according to the layout of the room. Cabinets and drawers below the waist are adorned with darkest finishes-such as matte nickels or bronzes. Next, mid to waist level drawers feature a lighter shade of handles like a copper or brass with a weathered finish. Finally, the highest shelving units and cabinets should feature the lightest colored finishes and metals. Creating this layered look keeps the eye moving upwards; if the look was reversed, the eyes would lock in on the dark finishes at the ceilings and never even glance at the floor-level handles. Remember to purchase corresponding hinges and screws so that your newly renovated area is complete, without mismatching accessories. The easiest way to avoid this decorating disaster is to write down a count of how many cabinets you have, what finishes and what metals; you’ll stay organized and create the flawless look of your cabinetry in any room in your home.

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Beyond Functional – Kitchen Cabinet Pulls As Art

By Jennifer Akre

All you need to do to outfit your cabinets with a set of kitchen cabinet pulls is to wander into your local home improvement store. The aisle containing in-stock kitchen cabinet pulls gives you plenty of options, in many styles and materials. Chances are, you can stop in at the store once and buy the couple dozen or so pieces of hardware you need in a style you like. If you want, it’s possible to decide to do this project in the morning, and have it finished after lunch.

If, however, you want to take on this project and turn it into something artistic, creative, or exotic, you have a wealth of sources to tap into. There’s a wide selection of kitchen cabinet pulls on the Internet that you won’t likely see anywhere in your neighborhood.

If you want to stay on the traditional side of artistic kitchen hardware, you might want to check out the kitchen cabinet pulls in cast metal. Yes, metal pulls are available in abundant choices from the most popular manufacturers, but when you dig deeper, you can find gorgeous, unique tiny sculptures for kitchen cabinet pulls. For example, if you have a tropical décor that you would like to carry into your kitchen, you can purchase a set of bronze Macaws, tinted in realistic colors, to perch on the front of your cabinet doors. If you have a favorite flower, you can select Art Nouveau-inspired, cast metal kitchen cabinet pulls displaying roses, poppies, or my personal favorite, irises. Or if you love the balanced geometry of Craftsman design, you can find brass and enamel (either in black, or in a palate of coordinated colors) kitchen cabinet pulls that draw from these classic designs.

Many craft artists are drawn to glass as their media. Glass can be molded and coaxed into graceful shapes – and, the colors! If celebrating color and displaying color moves you, glass gives you as many options as you can imagine. No wonder there are so many glass kitchen cabinet pulls available from crafts artists.

One line of glass kitchen cabinet pulls mirror the sheets of swirled, colored glass used by stained glass artists. A single bar-shaped pull shows streaks of brilliant blue, neon yellow, or glowing green. Similar kitchen cabinet pulls have simple white and black glass backgrounds, but are sprinkled with glass “confetti” in contrasting colors.

If you’re a fan of Venetian glass, you’ll recognize the joyful designs in a set of millefiori kitchen cabinet pulls. Millefiori, meaning “a thousand flowers” in Italian, is a glass design created by fusing wire-thin rods of glass into clusters, then collecting these clusters and fusing them into larger blocks of glass. When the glass is sliced, the clusters of tiny glass rods resemble flowers. Simple metal pulls embedded with millefiori beads and other blown-glass beads turn the functional into a work of art.

Some craft artists find inspiration from exotic fabrics, rich jewels, and combinations of shapes. One beautiful collection of kitchen cabinet pulls makes use of satiny paint finishes, Swarovski crystals, and stacked cubes, discs, and cones. Are they bonbons? Are they flowers from another planet? Are they treasures stolen from a sheik’s private treasure trove?

Do you admire stained glass windows? You don’t need to add one to your house to enjoy them in your home. You can buy tiny kitchen cabinet knobs that resemble tiny church windows, pieced together like a miniature glass puzzle. Bright colors, subtle metallics, and dichriotic and fused glass treatments make bold artistic statements in a mere 1 ½ inches.

Avoid the mundane. Consider the exotic.


Look for Adagio Glass Art,Sietto,Windborne Studios,Te-Ma


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