January 2009

0181fIn my bathroom, there is romance. Yes, it is true. I try to surround myself with comfort and beauty. You begin and end each day in your bathroom. Look at this space and transform it into your own private world to rejuvenate and invigorate you. Simple changes can have dramatic results on this room and Knobs, Hinges & More can show you how!

Bath accessories can add a dramatic addition to any bathroom, changing your style from modern no-nonsense to old world decadence. Add a rich warm color to the walls and a few large towels staged strategically around in baskets with soft colors and textures and you start bringing back an elegance of ages past.

Another key area to address in transforming your bathroom is lighting. Glaring overhead lighting and “bank” lighting in front of mirrors can disrupt even the most peaceful of moods. Bring candles in and a romantic French styled wall sconce to provide ambiance.

Speaking of mirrors, they can do wonders for a small bathroom. Consider taking out the more staid rectangular mirrors, though and replacing them with the gentle lines and curves of an artistically framed mirror.

Knobs, Hinges & More has a list of accessories that can turn your bathroom from a standard utilitarian room to old world elegance… place of romance.

Knobs, Hinges & More Recommended List of Bathroom Accessories

Rohl Country C-Spout Widespread Lav Faucet with French Levers

Bordeaux Towel Bar with Stand-offs





washing-dishesOne of my least favorite chores has always been washing dishes…even when I was a little girl…yes, I will admit that was before the age of kitchen dishwashers.  Although, I have never understood the concept of rinsing the dishes off before you put them in the dishwasher…Is not that sort of like washing them twice.  Well, anyway, the key to washing dishes is creating a pleasant kitchen environment.

One of the best ways in which you can create a better kitchen environment is by providing a beautiful faucet for your kitchen sink.  Knobs, Hinges & More certainly has some beautiful kitchen faucets to choose from.  Kitchen Faucets come in three main designs.  The first kitchen faucet design is the “single-hole design.”  This design has everything coming from one pipe that flows out of the sink base.  The second design is called a bridge design.  It has a horizontal bar that sits above the sink with the faucet coming out of it.  The hot and cold knobs connect to the end of the horizontal bar and connect, below the sink.  The three and four-hole faucet has separate connections for each thing, the hot, the cold, the faucet, and optionally, the sprayer.  There are other variations on these faucets as well; however, they are modifications of the above three designs.

Among the different brands of kitchen faucets, you can pay as little as $40 to over $4000.  The things to consider when purchasing may include the type of faucet you are looking for, the style of your kitchen and how much cooking/cleaning you plan to do as well as how much money you wish you invest at that time.  Knobs, Hinges & More is one of the best-known stores in the industry for finding a wide range of unique styles.  They also have a fantastic “lowest price guarantee.”  This means you will not find a lower price anywhere else.  If you do, Knobs, Hinges & More will match it!

So, back to doing dishes…if you have an angst about dishwashing, maybe a weekend kitchen renovation project is in order!  Look no further than Knobs, Hinges & More and you will be “whistling while you work” very soon!