Cabinet Knobs – Not Just For Putting on a Cabinet Anymore


       You might be thinking, the only use for a cabinet knob is to put one on a cabinet so you can open and close it. Well, you are wrong because this fixture actually has a lot of other creative uses too.

Really, a cabinet knob can be used for a number of different things and the first one is how you can actually make a pretty nice shelving unit with less than a handful of them. It actually is pretty simple. All you have to do is screw in two of them parallel to each other in the wall and then two more about two to three feet below them depending upon how big you want the shelf to be. What you do next is get a board and attach some string or rope to the top sides of it. Then, set the board on the two lower knobs and then tie the string or the rope you used to the top two knobs. And, just like that, you have a shelf in place and you can store almost anything you want on it from books, to DVD’s, CD’s, and even special keepsakes and knickknacks. This shelf idea is perfect for a child’s or teenager’s bedroom.

Another way that you can use a cabinet knob is as a coat rack and you can actually build an upscale looking coat rack area on any wall throughout your home. Just start with picking out a few eye-catching knobs either online or at the hardware store, then when you have them at home you just have to install them on your wall. What makes it fun is that you can install them in a pattern, which really gives your coat rack a fantastic look along with the stunning knobs that you picked out. In addition to hanging coats on them, you could hang other things on them as well including hats and you could even use this same set up in your kitchen for hanging utensils and pots on your wall.

A final great use for a cabinet knob other than just installing on a cabinet is a decorative one. You could put them wherever you like in your space as an interesting ornamental touch. Like, take your child’s bedroom as an example, you can get fun shaped ones, like in the shape of a bear or candy, and place it on the wall to accent the décor of his room.

And, these are just a few of the different ideas that you could use a cabinet knob for because there are quite a few other uses for them as well. To check them all out, just do a little search on the Internet. And, remember the Internet is also your best bet for shopping for them since all you have to do is browse through all the different online stores and their products. When you do come across something you like, it generally is at the best possible prices and your selection will even be shipped right to your home. Shopping has never been so convenient since you don’t have to go anywhere to do it.

In the end, a cabinet knob is a pretty versatile fixture and now you know that there are a lot of different ways to use one besides just a way to open and shut a cabinet.


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